South Stockton Promise Zone



City Systems began work in South Stockton through a relationship between Derek Ouyang and Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton, while the two were both undergraduates at Stanford University. We eventually met with local nonprofit organizations, and scoped out a project to help their organizations, in partnership with officials from the City of Stockton, regarding the redevelopment of Airport Way. This major corridor represents a blighted zone with major commercial potential immediately south of Downtown. City Systems offered to help envision the revitalization of the Airport Way Corridor and is developing a methodology and tool to inform land use planning based on community preferences and needs, called the “Complete Communities Framework”.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Mayor in Stockton, CA is seeking to differentiate the City’s investment opportunities, including potential capital from public (e.g. Transformative Climate Communities), private (e.g. Opportunity Zones), and philanthropic (e.g. foundations) sources, through the lens of green economy. The challenge at hand is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Stockton’s assets and opportunities across a wide range of industry, infrastructure, development, and policy domains which could be marketed as green economy investment opportunities, thereby enabling City representatives to prioritize and drive evidence-informed discussions with investors, as opposed to agendas being driven by one-off outside interests. In particular, the City is focused on leveraging such a framework to target and scope a green demonstration project in the short-term (2019-2020), which already has committed capital, that generates the most useful short-term results, both in realized environmental and economic benefits and in attracting further investment interest.

City Systems is conducting a research activity with the following outcomes:

  1. A repository of information about green economy investment opportunities in Stockton, including relevant technical review, case studies of implementation in other cities, key risks/challenges, and estimated ranges of possible environmental and economic benefits per dollar of investment.

  2. Communication materials for the City of Stockton and partners to use in investor outreach.

  3. A detailed design and implementation plan for a green demonstration project, informed by consensus-building discussion with City-identified stakeholders throughout the research phase, and likely to have initiated before the conclusion of the research phase.