South Stockton Promise Zone and Complete Communities Framework


Project origin

City Systems began work in South Stockton thanks to a between Derek Ouyang and Michael Tubbs, active politician and eventual Mayor of Stockton, while the two were both undergraduates at Stanford University. We eventually met with STAND, a local nonprofit operating in South Stockton. We eventually scoped out a project to help their organization, in conversation and partnership with some officials from the City of Stockton, regarding the redevelopment of Airport Way. This major corridor represents a blighted zone with major commercial potential immediately south of Downtown. Thus, City Systems offered to help envision the revitalization of the Airport Way Corridor. In moving forward, the team is still iteratively developing a methodology and tool to inform the development based on community preferences and needs. Taking into account the existing amenities and mobility patterns of the locals, the high level concept has been titled the “Complete Communities Framework”. The ultimate hope is to collect and include these qualitative factors to represent tangible, quantitative good in order to drive development in accordance with local values. This could protect the neighborhood from real estate projects that fuel gentrification and displacement while also providing developers with clear signals as to which types of goods and services will be successful.

This project and the scope of work is still very fluid and adapting to the wants and needs of the other stakeholders. Tangential progress is occurring alongside the student teams from Stanford University’s Sustainable Urban System’s Initiative which are also contributing to the efforts in Stockton. More updates will be posted here once available.