City Systems


A sustainable, resilient urban future built on a patchwork of collectively governed, empowered communities.



People, planet, and prosperity are the foundations of sustainability. Sustainability is about more than ecology and carbon. It is about building the social and economic infrastructure that allows communities to thrive while reducing and reversing the negative impacts humans have had on the planet.

Everyone is an expert, and everyone has value. We know we don’t know everything. We know that everyone from residents to community leaders to scholars and business leaders provide unique insight into urban problems and solutions. And we invite every voice to contribute to our work, and believe success means finding solutions that truly work for everyone.

Cookie cutter is not the future. Our communities, homes, and even our sustainability strategies have for too long been replicated ignorant of local context and community. We believe that true sustainability emerges uniquely from each place and must be tailored to the community, its context, and its needs.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We do not work alone. We strive to bring many partners to the table to ensure that the solutions we deliver encompass the full range of voices and ideas necessary to craft the lowest cost, highest impact results.

Innovation comes in many forms. Advanced technology is only one way to achieve sustainability and urban goals. Economic and social solutions are equally as valuable as new technology, and sometimes the best path forward can be found by looking to the past equally and the future.

All deserve to benefit from the information revolution.Too often, data, decision tools, and technical expertise are restricted to those who can pay, reinforcing patterns of growth and decline. We see information as a right, and strive to provide the best knowledge and tools to every community and individual regardless of economic or academic ability.


our goals

Infuse data-driven decision making into communities, regardless of size and status.

Develop innovative solutions to wicked urban problems that can be tailored to each context.


Foster consensus building and collaborative governance wherever we work, uniting public, private, and civic sector stakeholders with residents in seeking the best solutions for each place.